Hello! My name is Ruy Hinostroza Sipkes, son of Ingrid Sipkes and Rodolfo Hinostroza. I am the youngest of 3 brothers and uncle of 2 precious beings. I was born in Lima, I am Peruvian and Dutch on my mother’s side. I am 31 years old.

I am Virgo ♍ with Aquarius rising ♒ and Moon in Taurus ♉ (and 4 planets in Leo ♌).

My path with music started at age 14 when my dad gave me a bass guitar and I had a rock band, Los Chobis. I played all my adolescence there and then I went on playing in other bands, always as a bass player. Something that I’m sure few people know is that I was the first bass player of Mundaka 🤘🎸 <3

At 17 I went to Argentina to study sound engineering. At 18 I returned to Lima and realized that I wanted more music than engineering so I entered classical guitar lessons with maestro Lucho Justo and thanks to him I entered the Escuela de Música de la Católica to major in classical guitar. 🎶✨
Once inside, I realized that they were not teaching me what I was looking for and that the classical path was limiting me, so I got out and followed my path.

Great teachers appeared in my life.

Tito La Rosa taught me to connect with sound from another place, more ritualistic, more intuitive. At 19 I learned about Tibetan Buddhism thanks to my mother and I learned about meditation, which changed my life and calmed my mind. I practiced for several years the Karma Kagyu lineage with a great teacher: Lama Karma Chotso and I loved it, I connected a lot with her rituals and Tibetan mantras. I met beautiful people there. 🧘‍♂️😊

With all this, my sense of music changed completely.

I learned to play ancestral instruments like the quenas, native flutes, didgeridoo and djembe and I started experimenting with the computer and its infinite musical possibilities. I began to mix ancient and modern instruments 🎶♒.

At 21 I released my first album, Anahata, which marks the beginning of my musical career. It’s a new age / electronic / experimental music album that opened a lot of doors for me. It’s here ✨🥰

At 22 I started guiding Sound Healing Ceremonies all over Lima and Cusco and I met many yoga and meditation centers and alternative therapies. I also played in some medicine and yoga music festivals.

At the age of 24 I won a wonderful scholarship for artists and meditators and went to Thailand to learn with monks for 2 weeks on a beautiful island with people from all over the world and all arts.

I started to know the world and when I came back to Peru I started to teach what I had learned. I realized that we all can connect with music from meditation and not only from traditional academic methods and I started to help many people to unblock themselves, calm the mind and we learned a lot of music together. 🎶🧘‍♂️

Also over the years I attended Ayahuasca ceremonies and started to understand more of the fascinating magical world of shamanism. It helped me to see and understand other dimensions, to heal my relationship with my voice, to respect the master plants (and to heal myself much more).

At 25 I released my second album: Círculo de Sonidos and I went to Spain to make a small tour, I played in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga and took the opportunity to know a little Europe for a few months. It was a wonderful experience.

That same year my dad passed away. Luckily I was able to be with him in his last days and say goodbye 🥰😊.

Back in Lima, I was musicalizing the Open Yoga yoga classes on Sundays at the Lighthouse for a couple of years. I played a lot of instruments and with the pedals I would loop them and play on top, it was all created in real time and so I learned a lot. A lot of people came, the classes were a success.

At the age of 26 I released my third album: Un Paseo por el Cosmos and continued playing in different places, ceremonies, events and festivals in Peru.

I also had the honor of playing in the Sacred Citadel of Caral 3 times and also in other Huacas (archaeological remains) such as Mateo Salado, Pucllana, Santa Catalina, and Huantille, the latter in Lima. The energy that these sacred places have is really very special 🛖✨.   

In these years I have gone to many meditation retreats and I have connected a lot with Vipassana, which are 10-day silent meditation retreats. Whenever I could I would sign up for one. I did 5 over many years and it helped and inspired me tremendously. 🧘‍♂️☮️

At 29 I released a concept rock album called Vipassana, capturing my experience of a retreat, day by day in each song.

Then came the pandemic. That year I moved to the Sacred Valley of the Incas – Cusco to live and organized here many 5-day Healing Retreats with Sound Healing. I also guided Sound Healing Ceremonies for groups of foreigners in different retreat hotels in the Sacred Valley.

At 30 I did a small tour in the United States. I played with a friend at the Micro-Fest, a 3-day festival in Salt Lake City, and I also played at a Kirtan in Houston.
I did a loops concert in Houston and gave a bamboo meditation workshop there.

Between 30 and 31 I started sharing Healing Sound Ceremonies with micro doses of sacred mushrooms, holding 4 hour deep healing spaces in different spaces in Pisac and Lima– Peru and I still do it today.

I have also shared Healing Ceremonies with San Pedro (Wachuma) with music, meditation and always honoring our beautiful culture and our ancestors.

At the beginning of this year I am embarking on a journey to the jungle and then to Panama, a new episode of musical introspection and construction of musical projects is born.

Everything I learn I share and I will continue to do so 🙂

If you have made it this far…

Thank you very much for your time and your interest!

May you have peace in your life! ✨🥰🙏🏻