Sound Healing

Group healing ceremonies through the sound of ancient and modern instruments.
A majestic 90-minute musical adventure where relaxation and revelations can invade us to fill us with peace through healing sounds; vibrations that invite us to travel to the deepest spaces of our consciousness and feel our own inner magic.

Healing is nothing more than recognizing, accepting, and transmuting old patterns of behavior that, although they helped us in some way in the past, are no longer doing us good at this time.

The wonderful thing about music is that it can take us in a very kind and loving way to those places, which are often difficult to navigate, and once we are there, we can understand and accept ourselves, let go and finally heal.

I will use ancestral and powerful instruments such as the didgeridoo, ceremonial drum, Tibetan bowls, djembe, tingshas, maracas, native flutes, quenas, songs, mantras, guitars, medicine music songs, kalimba, rain stick, sounds of nature and sounds of the cosmos that will allow us to let go to travel confidently and comfortably through the confines of our mind and the universe.

Duration: 1 hour and a half

Ceremony of Sacred Mushrooms (Microdose)

Group healing ceremonies through the sound of ancient and modern instruments and mushroom medicine: psilocybin.

In these ceremonies we eat between 0.5 and 0.75 g (low dose) of Psilocybe Cubensis and we learn a lot about our own unconscious and emotional world, which constantly communicates with our conscious self and we are going to experience it very closely.
In this way we begin to make new neural connections, see new perspectives and creative solutions to life, taking new paths and letting go of old paths of pain or paths that we no longer want.

This is called neuroplasticity and it is one of the most amazing, healing and constantly studied properties of psilocybin, the active substance in 🍄

The studies are increasing and the taboo to talk about this openly is decreasing, the scientific community in the world is recognizing the extraordinary benefits of psilocybin on issues such as depression, alcoholism, anxiety, addictions, duels, improvement of mood , among others. Natural medicine is impressive and there are now studies showing many advances in mental health.

Duration: 4 hours