By coming to my retreats, you take a break.

A healthy break for breathing deeply. We go inwards and meditate everyday to restore our peace and well-being

We heal in community and through different practices, such as Sound Healing, meditation, yoga, cacao ceremony, voice opening exercises, making music and many other activities during 3 or 5 days. We explore ancient and modern ways of healing from different cultures. 

The retreats will be always filled with live music. Specifically and personally I use more Peruvian, Indian and New Age sounds and sing medicine songs and sing my own compositions as well as live looping.

These are retreats for making deep soul connections and feel the power of community, of the tribe. As organizer and guide, I’ve seen people making big shifts in their lives after these powerful retreats. 

We are always surrounded by magical mother nature

Past Retreats

2021 – 2023

New year’s closing Retreat – 2021

Sound healing, meditation, walking in the jungle, coaching exercises, delicious regional food

Medicine Plants Retreats – 2021 & 2022

Co-creations with Mario Mawya & Derek Winder & Manfredo Buitrón

Sound healing, meditation, yoga, walking in the mountains, cacao ceremonies, Ayahuasca & San Pedro Ceremonies with local Shamans


Sound Healing Retreat – 2023 Latvia

Co-creation with Santa Grinina

 Sound healing, meditation, yoga, voice opening exercises, sound healing training practices, ecstatic dance.

Sound Healing & Coaching – Summer Retreat – 2022

With Camila Clausen – Life coach 

Sound healing, meditation, yoga, coaching exercises, beach time, ecstatic dance, delicious vegan food, singing in tribe <3