Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremony

Group session

A majestic 1 hour musical adventure that will make us travel to our subconscious mind with many instruments from different cultures to harmonize our energetic fields. Vibrations are very powerful and healing. We allow this vibrations to soften our thick layers of dense energy of routine and stress, as they balance and restore our energies and allow us to go deeper. We will re-program the water parts from all cells in our bodies and harmonize them. It is scientifically proved that vibrations affect water and can shape their crystals.

You can go as deep as you want, you can bring an intention for healing something deep . Or you can also just lie down, surrender, relax and have a beautiful shamanic concert for the evening. But if you really bring something to heal, the music can help to reveal answers and help unblocking energies. Your choice. I encourage to be brave, face yourself and go deeper.
We may awake memories and emotions that help us restore our inner peace, gain vision and heal ourselves.

 The wonderful thing about music is that it can take us in a very kind and loving way to those blurry, difficult places sometimes hard to navigate through. Music allow us to feel our deepest emotions.

I will take you safely into this Shamanic Sound Healing Journey and will hold the space for you kindly, with love and respect. I use ancestral and powerful instruments such as the didgeridoo, ceremonial drum, tibetan bowls, tingshas, shamanic peruvian instruments, native flutes (quena, pan flute), chants, mantras, guitars, medicine music songs, sounds of nature and some technology: laptop to loop, to play midi keyboards and soft pads to travel and float with sounds of cosmos with new age synths sounds.

Each ceremony has its own selection of instruments based on the needs of the group and the energy of the space.

Total time: 1,5 hours (including the in & out meditation and the final sharing)

Magic Mushroom Healing Ceremony

Deep healing ceremonies guided by meditations and sound healing; many ancient and modern instruments and the magic mushrooms medicine: psilocybin.

In these ceremonies we eat between 0.5 and 0.75 g (low dose) of dried Psilocybe Cubensis and we learn a lot about our own unconscious and our emotional world, which constantly communicates with our conscious self and we are going to experience it very closely

In this way we begin to make new neural connections, see new perspectives and creative solutions to life, taking new paths and letting go of old paths of pain or paths that we no longer want.

This is called neuroplasticity and it is one of the most surprising, healing and constantly studied properties of psilocybin, the active substance of mushrooms.

The scientific studies are increasing with good results and the restrictions are decreasing, the scientific community in the world is recognizing the extraordinary benefits of psilocybin in issues such as depression, alcoholism, anxiety, addictions, grief, improvement of mood , among others. Natural medicine is impressive and there is now evidence that show many advances in mental health using these sacred mushrooms.

In the spiritual world, there are many dimensions and things happening that you might need support with. I have had many times ceremonies and navigated through dimensions inside and outside. have healed self-steem and childhood issues and traumas, have learned tools to come out and beautiful and powerful songs that I will kindly share with you.

I will hold the space for you with love, with meditation and music to go together the way that your soul needs with previous connection and conversation about the intention you bring for this journey.

Total time: 4 hours (for  1g dosing of dried psilocybe cubensis)